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Sorry to revive such an old thread but I figured that since I just went through this same thing in looking for instructions unable to find any online I'd post what I got. I would have to also say a big thank you to Tom and the crew at EAS for their help. Without them I probably would still be lost in trying to figure out how to get this thing wired up.

I've attached the instructions but would like to preface that they are rather confusing and maybe also incorrect with their wiring diagram. More on that later. Basically the install begins with removing the right side trunk liner in order to access the EDC module. I found these instructions from EAS very helpful, since the EDC module is in the exact same place as the TPMS module and the instructions for removing the pins from the BMW harness is pretty much the same. Once you've got all that down all you need to know is that the EDC module is the one with two connectors going to it. One white and another blue as shown here...

At this point all that is left is to intercept the proper wires from their respective harnesses. Basically there are six wires to connect. The first two (14ga Red and 14ga Brown) are the easiest and thanks to Tom@EAS help, the hook up was very convenient. As a matter of fact the Macht Schnell instructions don't really tell you where to get these connections. Using my own yellow t-taps (the ones provided in the kit were too small, blue) I tapped into the Red/Green and Brown 14ga wires on the white connector going into the BMW EDC module. Red going to Red/Green and Brown going to Brown. The next 4 wires basically are used to intercept the CAN BUS signal to the BMW EDC module. For this you need to remove the Blue/Red and Red 18ga wires from the blue BMW connector going into the EDC module as shown here...

The next step requires a little thinking. On the one hand this process could be a little easier if Macht Schnell choose to use the same color wires as BMW but they didn't. For the proper connections I would reference you to the table on page 2 of the attached PDF. It is a little confusing especially since page 4 of the PDF doesn't coincide with the table on page 2 so I would say to ignore page 4 all together and follow the pin connections on page 2. Once you've gotten all the wires connected the way they should be I would recomend temporarily connecting all the harnesses up and starting the car to confirm a proper connection. If all is good the green led on the EDC emulation module will flash continually. (for this pic I'm going to have to use EAS's TPMS module pic since I didn't take any but the EDC emulation module looks exactly the same)...

Oh and don't forget to check control messages if you have iDrive...

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