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Originally Posted by biglare View Post

Sasan, thanks for organizing this epic gathering. Thanks to the other individual owners for rolling out and Will for the fire orange appearance. Awesomeness!

I love each color in a different way. It was amazing to see each color change hue while the sun was setting! I hope everyone enjoys the pictures as much as I enjoyed participating and seeing them in person! thank you for coming out. It was my pleasure to get this thing together. But let me give credit where its due. Amir (aajami), really provided the catalyst to get things rolling, and Eric (eclipsis) was equally vital to getting the whole thing going.

Also, just a quick shout out to Will Shaw @ Nick Alexander Imports for bringing out his Fire Orange to the shoot, towing it all the way to the Walt Disney Concert Hall, and then after we were told we couldn't shoot there, for being so gracious as to invite us all back to Nick Alexander Imports to have the shoot there. Saved the day.

So sorry about your front lip. Such a tragedy. You're a real cool cat for taking that all in stride, and not getting frustrated.

Thank you also to, Adam (lagunae92) for bringing out his Laguna Seca to round out the bunch, and Anthony@EAS for taking the stellar photos, and also for helping to save me when i got LOCKED INTO the Nick ALexander parking lot by myself. Thought I might be spending the night there in my car. lol.

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