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Originally Posted by wwjd15 View Post
Not trying to defend myself, a professional driver drove Z06 on R-compund did high-40's at Infineon at the same day. So, I just don't see the mid-40's thing coming in an M3. I just got my M3 for two weeks and I know I have a lot to learn. Why not just get back to the topic? If I were born to know how to drive, I would not even post this thread here.
NOBODY has done mid-40's in a street e90/e92m3 at Infineon.
No one has gotten out of the 50's

Miata's do well there because it's a twisty track and they weigh under 2000 lbs. and you CANNOT compare Miata Lap Times to a 3800 lbs car at ANY track no matter how much hp it has..
Weight transition and weight transfer is EVERYTHING on a road course.
I've driven everything from a heavy OE R35 GT-R to an 1000 lbs F1 car on many Road Courses ..... and you cannot replace weight and center of gravity with horsepower.

I have a 160hp Race Car with a 1000cc Motorcycle engine that does 1:25 at Laguna Seca vs. my 420hp M3's 1:45.
Thats a cool 20 seconds faster in a car with almost 300 hp LESS.

1:58 is VERY respectable for a 3800 lbs (with Fuel and Driver) e9xm3 at Infineon.

And your bouncy feeling is indicative of your suspension being too low in the rear ... or .... high spring rates (and I dont think the KWV3 has high spring rates)

It was nice to meet you at the track -- sorry I was short, but we were leaving after testing some tires.

Hope to see you at the track soon -- Buttonwillow was a blast -- we managed to be the fastest NA BMW there with a 1:58 on our e36m3 (3100lbs 300whp)