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Originally Posted by eluder View Post
On start up, all the lights would blink and it'd take 20 seconds to start. Then it'd run like it was on 4 cylinders. Reduced power, a bunch of warnings. Wish I still had the video. It never stalled though.
Thanks for the help man, but I'm fully familiar with those symptoms. That's why I'm a bit baffled. My car didn't stall, but almost, in 2 different occasions. Took it out today to fill up the tank, and everything normal, like usual. I had A/C on though, but started up fine, and after arriving home let it idle for several minutes and no hiccups. Idle has always fluctuated a little since new after a few seconds (not perfectly steady, like mmmmmmMMMMmmmmmmmmMMMMmmmmmmm), from 550 to 600 or so. When A/C is on, it pretty much stays at 700 rpm (minimal fluctuation, but can still hear it), just like when you depress the clutch pedal.

One thing my car doesn't do anymore is the 'loud' start-up; it's quiet now. Another that I'm glad doesn't do anymore is the clutch/tranny 'clank' at start-up, which turned into a 'bang' if you released the clutch pedal right away. Now no clunk or pop at all. Wonder what it was. This is a weird car; that's all I know . Take care, and thanks again.