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Originally Posted by Uli_HH View Post
We will see !!!

The car chris harris has driven was an prototype-car ... an it is no secret that the M-GmbH has build F10 M5s prototypes with M-DkG ... but to my infos they ruled out the DKG for the production-cars mostly because of cost issues ... the ZF 8-auto is much cheaper than the Getrag DKG ( and also because it was costly to modify the M-DKG so that it could withstand the torque from the M5 engine in longterm quality ) ... and electronic could make the ZF8 feel like an DKG.
It make no sence to bring the new M5 with an Auto and with the M-DKG ... and people who had seen the real productin-car quoted, that this has the ZF 8-gear Automatic ... and also remenber the interview with an M official not long ago, were he praises the ZF8 and how sporty it was ... but:

We will see !!!
Thanks Uli, I did not know that prototypes were definitely built with DKG (DCT for us in NA...).

Originally Posted by Uli_HH View Post
I hope my infos are wrong ... not because I would buy an M5, but for the consequence this would have for the new F32 M3. With an Auto in the M5 I could live ... with an Auto in the M3 I couldnīt !!!
As we have been discussing, here and in other threads, modern automatic transmissions have come a very long way. 7-8 gears, wet clutches that bypass torque converters and offer full lock up, high rpm capability beyond the limits of a torque converter, full DCT style user controls and software adjustability - all while maintaining the ultra smooth take off and power brake capabilitties of a traditional automatic!

If the transmission feels like a DKG and performs like a DKG (shift speeds and efficiency), in my opinion, I would have no objection to such a transmission in a sports car of mine, M3 or otherwise. It will be VERY interesting to see how a true modern automatic would be named and marketed in the M3. There is simply too much stigma associated with automatics. That brings the discussion right back to the jargon discussion we got side tracked with right here!

I have not sampled it personally, but from what I have read the automatic ZF transmissions in the XK and XF are about the best out there and feel awfully close to a DCT.
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