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The problem with this car is, if you redline (at WOT) you're going >60mph in ~5 seconds. That is freeway speed already.
1, so do it on Freeway onramps...those i consider "Freebies" because Cali speed limit is 65mph...BUT, they never set a time limit on how fast u can get there. so i take it WOT everytime im getting on the freeway with a longer merging lane...
Same thing here. Onramps to a highway where everybody drives 75 are the treats in my daily commute. I slow down if I have a car in front of me till it reaches the end of the ramp then I floor it and merge in third gear at 85MPH. Slowing down from 85 to 75 on third gear happens almost instantaneously if you take your foot of the gas. Sometimes people behind me onramp are aware of what I'm doing and preparing themselves to watch something exciting and sometimes they are clueless but in both cases they understand and enjoy what they see once it's done judging by their thumbs up once they catch up with me later on the hwy (I don't speed up on the hwy itself, no point).
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