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Well the video posted of the guy shifting at 3k sounds mild. Do you shift at 3k around neighborhoods and local streets??? Didn't sound to obnoxious at all. I have a Granatelli on my Vette and it has a good sounding deep throttle to it. I never though in my neighborhood rev it up or drive fast. If you see in the video when the guy is obiviously speeding its way too loud and fast for the street. It just kills me when I see these guys reving thier motors in parking lots and streets. Parking lot pimp'n I call it.. Who goes around just reving their exhaust wasting gas trying to get everyone to "look at me look at me"..
There was a mustang cobra pulling up to the atm the other night while I was gettting money. The whole time while he was in the lot he just kept reving his exhaust. So irriatating!! It would probably sound good on the freeway or even just idling but to keep reving it, I just shake my head. Even in the Bmw videos when guys are showing their exhaust I could care less with them being stationary reving up. I wanna see what it sounds like in normal driving and when its slightly wound up. I guess I'm less tolerant now that I live in a really nice neighborhood thats quiet. Believe me I want a GT2 exhaust on my M3 but I just will drive really conservatiely around the house. I know I can as I have had a motorcycle with a good rumbling exhaust and have always taken others into consideration whether in my hood or someone elses. Its all how you drive it or not drive it. Oh and another thing speeding in neighborhoods is a big no no. How will you explain it to a judge when you kill a child that runs to grab his ball in the street. Sure he should have looked before he ran into the street but thats what kids do. Do you think a judge is gonna have mercy on you when you were speeding? This is just a general statement and not to attack the original poster..