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Originally Posted by jh valley View Post
i thought you were against all things apple
I am (mostly)...this was my dad's decision to get, not mine.

Don't get me wrong the iPad is a cool device (as are tablet PC's in general) and I would definitely use one if I had one. It's perfect for taking dumps and laying in your bed and surfing the web/watching a movie. I tried to talk him out of it since Dell is giving him a Streak 10 for free and told him to use the money on a radar detector (ours got stolen) or a new videocard for when BF3 comes out, but he said he just had to have the iPad.

What I absolutely hate about Apple is the fact that they restrict you from everything that makes me love using PC's and that is customization. Steve Jobs only wants you to do things he allows and thus he locks everything down and makes you use shitty programs like iTunes. If ever I am given the option I will always take Android. Although my 3GS w/ unlimited data gets upgraded for free to the iPhone 5 in May. I'm happy about that and since I don't have to pay anything I don't care much that I'm missing out on something Android based.