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Originally Posted by evm3 View Post
Can you explain this for m3's for dummies? i have no idea what you mean.
lol no problem.

It's when someone bakes the headlight (and yes that actually means put it in an the adhesive loosens and you can pry the headlights apart) and paint the inside of the headlight black. The projector shroud is that chrome part around your actual HID, that would be painted black too. And probably remove/paint the side reflector. Here is an example of an M3 that has the housing painted what looks to be gloss black, with the shrouds painted white. On your car, i think everything black would look super aggressive and add to the look your going for. This way is little more expensive if you get it done professionally but i think it looks a ton better than when people just put a tint film on there headlight (for one thats illegal to put tint on), this way still makes it look clean and smooth but aggressive.

This was really big in the G37 scene. Here is a pic that explains the different components of a G37 headlight, you'll see the housing and shroud. And also some examples of different set ups that people had done.

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