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Originally Posted by jmflukeiii View Post
Sorry to bump an old thread, but I just wanted to ask a question. My SA really scared me about the break-in period saying it would damage the engine, drastically reduce power, and mis-align engine movement if I ever went over 5k on the tach or 70mph. Can someone please tell me this is not the case.... I haven't been red-lining my car, not even close. Probably 5 or 6 times i've slipped up to 6k when it shifts, but I've certainly travelled the freeways at 80 (as traffic moves that way in Florida).

I'm probably being overly cautious, but I just wanted to get some experience and comments from someone outside of the BMW dealership.
Wow this stuff is just hillarious. Honestly I had to call up my friend Charlie who I know as an engine builder and consultant for pro racing teams (Indy Car, F1 etc).

Conversation is as follows:

Me: Hey Charlie, what are you up to?

C: Not too much, we just had dinner I'm about to play on the simulator (He has a racing simulator they use to train pro racing drivers)

Me: So BMW service departments are now telling their M3 customers interesting things.

C: Yeah what's that?

Me: They're saying if you don't keep the car under 70 and under 5k you'll miss align the engine movement and drastically reduce power.

C: That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard anyone say about an engine.

Me: I don't know it it sounds pretty convincing. What if the crankshaft weights fall off and the ring seals de-seal.

C: He he, well then you'll have to hire Mickey Mouse to fix it, he'll know more than your service department. Ha ha.

Me: Yeah I honestly don't know how people get from a recomended break in proceedure by the manufacturer to it "mis-aligning" your engine and reducing power. It's like you're inventing science on the fly.

C: Well it's hard to find someone who knows how to deal with an engine. It's mystical to most people.

Me: The advice the service guys get probably comes from lawyers mostly, that's one problem.

C: Most corporate communication comes from lawyers.

Me: Yep , but I'm going to run, it was very nice talking.

To sumarize what one of the best engine builders in the world thought what your SA said was one of the worst things ever said about breaking in an engine.

In fact the stuff that made sense from what you SA said is the opposite of the truth.

Read my post on breaking in your car though:

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