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Originally Posted by 1love View Post
Did you do it? Im pretty impressed with willow's streaming quality. It works really well on my ipad, theres no buffering in sound or video and it comes up immediately.

Haven't watched much cricket since sunday tho. Been sick and having nightmares since that loss by SAF

Pakistan losing certainly cheered me up tho . But it doesn't look like anyone is particularly strong or fluent in their game right now.
I did! Willow is pricey but being able to stream on my tv is awesome. Haven't had much free time lately, but I managed to catch part of the India-SA match. What happened?? India were 87-0 after 10 when I went to sleep, and when I woke up they had scored just 296? That's exactly what I feared, that the middle order would simply melt down some day.

Nonetheless, SA played pretty brilliantly. I caught the last few overs of the match, and they got the job done in style. Nerves of steel stuff.

Overall, some positives to take away from that match. India's openers are still looking strong, and the bowling is improving. But it's still worrying that they haven't won two tough games against two major opponents.

Huge win for SA I'd imagine, should give them the momentum to finish up at the top of the table.

Also, did you catch that Bangladesh-England game? Ridiculous, I'm still scratching my head on that one. I don't understand how England tied India and beat SA, but lost to Ireland and Ban?