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So this discussion has raised a couple of questions in my mind. The German switch that is shown in some of the threads has icons on both the upper and lower right-hand push switches. This would indicate both are functional. But I don't think the German M3 has front fogs either. So does only the lower switch function on the German M3? Is the German switch that is shown in the threads the one that is used on the 328/335, and that's why it's got icons on both switches? I went on the German BMW site, and they don't seem to have as many gallery pictures as we get in the States, but it looks like the German M3 uses the same iconless switch as we've got. The interior view they show has the steering wheel mostly in the way, so it's tough to reach too many conclusions, though. Of course, more pictures may be there, but my German isn't real sharp these days.

Anyone know exactly how the German model is configured? Any icons on the switches? Are both upper and lower functional, but only the lower one turns something on? Or does the German M3 come with both front and rear fogs?