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Originally Posted by Wretched Creature View Post
We have video in our Lexus RX 400h with a separate view screen for the passengers in the rear. That makes sense to me. If my wife and I are the only people in the car (either the M3 or the Lexus) there's no need for video as we listen to music and talk to each other. If I have passengers in the back of the M3, they'd have to lean toward the center and watch video that way, and I'd have to listen to it. Sorry, I still don't get the appeal.
It makes sense to have separate screens for rear passengers in a Lexus RX. In the M3, televisions in the headrests would be overkill IMHO ('s a coupe for God's sake). From the rear seat position, one can easily see the iDrive screen without leaning towards the center.

It's personal preference!