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Originally Posted by MarkR171 View Post
I didn't feel it. I'm in Honolulu (230 miles away from the epicenter, and only a 3.2) Hawaii gets a LOT of 2-3 on richter scale quakes that no one really cares about. We had one that I felt last week and everyone just went on their business. A 3.2 is nothing NOTHING like a 8.9, or even a 4.0/5.0.

Edit: ONly 10 minutes until Taiwan gets hit...
I wish them the best. :[
Originally Posted by jh valley View Post
the warning just came on tv over here, too
What are you watching, John?
Originally Posted by DisGuy View Post
god damn that car is nice. i would sell my girlfriend for it
Originally Posted by mastek View Post
why dont you leave him a love note on the car -- with hearts and shit

lol - seriously tho -- I find notes on my car sometimes -- but it's NEVER from girls -- -- damm M3 is a ghey magnet
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