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Originally Posted by UdubBadger View Post
I understand where you are coming from. I guess I was hoping people would take the initiative to go seek these things out like models and plan a shot with specific lighting and such. This is what I've been learning in school and I suppose choosing this was my attempt at passing along a bit of that to everyone else. I guess I never thought of the potential road blocks it might cause as most people here are just casual shooters who might not have the resources or be comfortable doing some of the stuff required for a shot like this.

Its Thursday at noon (close enough). What do we want to do here since technically there is only about 36 hrs left to submit to this contest yet only 1 photo submitted that kinda sorta fits the theme (no offense judd)? Should I make a new theme and take up another week? Should we just move on to #33? Should we let JH pick the next one so I don't always get my way ?

Tell me what everyone is thinking here.
Give it to JH. His entry was very easy on the eyes, so he deserves at least that.

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