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Originally Posted by jh valley View Post
you have the shittiest goddamn attitude on the forum. i have problems with other posters, but they aren't as consistently obnoxious as you. you always have to get your way, you voice your (shitty) opinions in such an off-putting way. no one really calls you out on your bullshit, so here it is. your photos are decent at best, you have a bad eye for photos in general and your post work sucks. that's all i can think of for now. i'm not looking to take this any further than this post, i've basically reached the end of my tolerance for your shit. don't bother replying here, you can PM if you really feel the need to
or instead of opening yourself up to being flamed (as it seems happened)

Just go straight to PM to express your extreme displeasure next time, then we don't have to read your comments and rants that lead a thread so far off topic.