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Originally Posted by Templar View Post
This is my point here...

My problems began months ago. I went through multiple PM's, e-mails, all sorts of stuff, sending my info multiple times so I could get the error message for the lights cleared. I was SUPPOSED to get a new part or something, nothing ever came, I got no confirmation of shipping or anything.

This and the posibility of yellowing from the HID lights is why I went to LUX. A bit more expensive, and not as bright, but so much easier. The install was a simple plug and play right into the headlights. When I lift the hood there is no sign of anything being installed.

I loved the Alpine HID's and their brightness, but the lack of support is what made me switch. Had I been helped immediately, I'd probably still have them on now.
I feel exactly the same way and agree with you on everything. Just wanted to share my experience for others. Alpine was very responsive in communication before I bought their kit. I have switched over to LUX now and as you have pointed out, not as bright but everything else is a plus. cheers.