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Originally Posted by Robert View Post
If you have time can you do a quick comparison of M3 vs. GTR?

Well really different cars.
both have back seats.
The m3 is easier to maneuver and rides over rough roads with greater comfort.
i have no idea about the 0-60 or 0-100
but the gtr feels faster and i think is faster.
The attention the gtr gets over the m3 is about as great as you can get.
no one cares about my new modded black m3 but everytime i drive the gtr there is always people taking pics and videos while on the road and just parking into a fast food joint the amount of people who crowd around it and starts talking about the car and who's is it is pretty annoying and surprising as i don't consider it a exotic at all.
some of the ricers always want to race the M3 but when i am in the gtr they just give the thumbs up and smile and dont even bother trying to race it.

Thats about it.
the m3 is a daily driver along with a jeep srt8.
the gtr is a garage queen that i take to go to dinner,movies, or special occasion.