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I got naughty in a Volvo

I drove one when they had their launch in the US a few months ago. They had a comparison test set-up where you would drive (very slowly) around a small area the S60, an A4 and a 328i. Of course I only drove the S60 since I own a 330 and a friend of mine owns an S4. They had SCCA drivers there and they did a VERY short drag race between all the cars. Guess who won?
The Volvo drove nice enough. It felt better than I expected. The interior is nicely laid out, but a little poloarizing at the same time. The seats look great, but were WAY too wide for me. I'm not overweight so the bolsters didn't do much to hold me in place.
They had an autocross set-up too. The quickest time of the day would win an Apple iPad. I went over to the autocross after driving the S60 slowly for about 60 seconds and never driving on an autocross before (I've only done track events, no autocross experience at all). I spoke to one of the instructors for a short time to get some tips and the only thing he said was the fastest guys kept the car in 1st gear the entire time. That tip helped a bit. Again, this is where I really felt the seats were way too large for me because I was all over the place in the car. I did a brake stand at the start to get the car to launch and took off. I made it cleanly through the entire course without hitting any cones. A couple of turns were pretty tight and I watched a few people before me take out 5 or 6 cones at a time as they overcooked a couple corners. In the end, I finished with a time of 19.047 seconds. All the guys working there were clapping and making a big deal of it. I said that I'm almost 1 second off the quickest time (when I was there, the quickest time was 18.2 seconds - I don't know what the fastest time ended up being). They told me that I didn't understand, the top three places were by SCCA autocross champions. I guess I didn't do too badly then, but still didn't win.
In the end, I feel the Volvo is a good compromise between a performance sedan and everyday driver. I still would never trade my BMW for it.
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