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My fathers dealer specializes in late model Volvo's.

Ive driven them all from s40's to s80's.

Volvo's are AMAZING vehicles for what they are. They get VERY good gas mileage, are safe as hell, luxurious, some nice turbo engines. Its a perfect family vehicle. Obviously a lot different then a bmw.

s40- only model i dont like

s60- Driving a 08 volvo s60 t5 now, 33mpg (yes i said 33 right). Driven dozens of 2.5t's and 2 r models.
The new Volvo s60 is an awesome awesome deal for the price. Nice engine, very nice in my opinion, just the complete package.

s80- We sold an 07 s80 v8 awd recently, and I absolutely loved this car. So comfy and nice.

v70- GREAT all around family wagon if you dont need awd

xc70- When I have a family Ill definately buy one, nice car for trips to big bear and such.

xc90- Nice entry level SUV, not as nice as x5 and such but it costs much cheaper.

A lot of people I meet complain about Volvo's because of the previous generation models. Times have changed, they are very very reliable vehicles!