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Originally Posted by midlifecrisis View Post
Every time I come up on a Audi, Volvo, or Merc with their rear fog lights on, all I can think is - what a #%&*@!^ idiot! Most of the time, they're blazing away even though there's not a hint of fog. It always looks like the car is possessed by electrical gremlins! They are truly one of the most misused features on most European cars in the U.S., and I'm happy that BMW doesn't deliver their cars with them.

Please, please, please - resist the temptation!

Rant over. Sorry if I offended those who think this is cool. Just my opinion, but I'm an old fart and everyone ignores me anyway.
At least it is a functional item.....not like some of the M3's tooling around with tow hooks on them..