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This is actually a fairly complicated question. Generally, I use the following colognes, sparingly.

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The Floris no. 89 and the Dunhill Man are tied for my favorites. The latter has been discontinued, but I still have four boxes of it. Nobody really wears either of these, so they're pretty unique. The same can't be said for the Polo, but it still works well for me.

Getting out of the shower, I typically smell like some mix of the following.

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As my two main forms for exercise are running and swimming, the later means I have to get rid of the damned chlorine smell before I go out and use of one of the above also prevents my skin from getting all dried out.

Also, FWIW, one night after swimming my friend's wife couldn't stop smelling me because she said I smelled like cookies. It was kind of embarrassing actually as my buddy was standing right there the whole time. I was wearing cocoa butter and polo double black that night and apparently the combination makes you smell delicious.