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Off-cycle Oil Change and Complications

Saturday: Paid out of pocket ($295 including tax) for a low mileage oil change on Friday at South Bay BMW (I'm at 8,300 mi and BMW won't do complimentary until 15,000 mi.) Thanks to all you posters for recommending more oil changes than BMW's recommendation.

Was quite disappointed that after 15 mins of driving after pick-up, my "low engine oil" indicator was activated and prompted me to insert "1qt of engine oil" to prevent engine damage.

Took my car in today. Since my SA was off, showed this error message to couple other SA's. They subsequently poured 1 bottle of engine oil and handed me a bottle for the future. Drove off the lot, thought it was all resolved. Once I arrived home, a new error message told me my engine oil was at the minimum so I should add another 1qt. From looking at the gauge, looks like my car can take 3 or 4 more bottles to reach the maximum - not that I want to top off my engine oil, but just stating.

Will be heading back on Monday to ensure engine oil level is sufficient. Quite irritated that a should-be routine oil change will turn into 3 visits to the dealership, provided that I paid $295 (twice mkt. price) to go through South Bay, which is typically very reliable. Hope I can get 50% off my next out of pocket oil change, or something!

Monday Update: So... back at South Bay. Waiting on the troubleshooting w/ the out-of-pocket ($295 ) oil change which was performed on Friday.

One thing I've noticed since is that acceleration from a stop and rolling starts have been pretty abrupt until around 5-10mph; I've noticed this in various settings with the DCT, i.e. D3, S4, S5, etc. From the throttle response and sound, the feedback feels as if a beginner stick-shift driver is having issues with the clutch. Obviously, every case is different and it's difficult to convey it on a forum - but has anyone else faced similar issues?

My SA Alex C. says perhaps swapping the differential fluid could resolve.