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When a car becomes TOO well rounded and TOO clinical in its execution there's always a danger of not being able to tug at the owners heart strings. And that is my ONLY real concern with the Mp4-12C. It's engineering and performance are undeniable. I hated the looks in the launch colour (looked like a generic supercar on an insurance billboard) but then I saw it in the silver which works much better. Lambos, Ferraris, and the like may not always be the BEST car to have, but 99%of the time in 99% of conditions it's all about having a car that makes you FEEL something. And at that price point there's really no excuse for not having an engine and exhaust note that makes your hair stand on end.
Of course this is all a moot point as I am not in the market for such a vehicle due to lack of available funds haha. But the forums number one purpose is to bash or promote vehicles we have no intention of buying.