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Bond No. 9 New York, Bleecker Street parfum

Went shopping the other week for a new parfum and brought some female friends to test all the smells out. Spent two hours smelling through every scent on the market, from Versace to Cartier to Creed to everything else. Must have been at least 30 scents.

Bleecker Street by Bond No. 9 New York was the one that won uninamously every single time. They all say they've never smelled anything like it. It's a bit pricey at $160 for 50ml and $220 for 100ml, but I've been getting so many compliments ever since I started wearing it. None of my old parfums did that.

I'd go and try it out if it's possible in your area.

P.S. Bottle looks like a hippie made it, but the smell is amazing. Check out their other bottles too, really good designs. Some of them are designed by Andy Warhol.