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Originally Posted by B R A N D X View Post
There are two reasons I can think of not to get it:

One is, as you pointed out, there's a possibility that it will date the car down the road, but it's features will still operate as they did when the car was the latest and greatest so I'm not sure that's really much of an issue.
Once it's an older generation M3 it will always be considered either dated or classic regardless of whether it has iDrive or not right?

The other reason would be simply to lower the price of the car a bit.

If you have never owned a BMW with iDrive then I don't believe you would miss it one bit, but if you have owned a BMW equipped with iDrive and gotten used to the access and enhanced control it gives you then you would most likely miss it quite a bit.

After owning a few iDrive equipped cars I bought a used E92 335i on a whim. I didn't keep it long, but I loved everything about it except the fact that it didn't have iDrive. trying to access everything through the MFD was a nightmare after being used to iDrive which gives you access to far more options and is easier to use than the stalk/MFD (especially while driving).

Definitely spend some time playing with iDrive at the dealership and see if you think you'd miss it before making such an expensive decision.
I agree with you that if you are used to iDrive you will prob miss it. It really comes down to individual choice for each person.

I disagree however and believe that the iDrive will make the car more dated. If I was on the market for a e46 m3 I would make a point to get one without the nav system. The e46 is a very classy looking car, but having that old style nav system makes the interior look like crap compared to the new systems found in cars currently. I believe it will be the same thing for the current gen m3. If you plan on keeping this car for a while, I think it will age a lot better with out a lot of the high tech gadets that will become outdated a couple years down the road.

If I was buying a normal bmw as a beater, or planning on keeping my m3 for only couple years I would add the nav system, but I plan on keeping this m3 much longer than that and I dont think the iDrive adds anything of value for me over the long run.