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Originally Posted by darkcloud View Post
Go OSU! As much as I'd love to see them take it all I'm still very skeptical if they are deep enough to outlast some teams if they reach the elite 8 or final 4.

Chewy, some friends and I are taking off on the 18th and drinking and watching the games downtown. I know we've never actually met but if your interested let me know and we can maybe meet up....Thinking of starting at the map room then maybe heading over towards the arena. If tickets are reasonable to scalp around $50-75 I'd consider actually going to a game haha
Go BUCKS! Yeah, it's going to be a long tourney... we have an awesome starting 5. After that, things get a little hairy. I think if we can stay out of foul trouble in each game, we should be fine.

Are the Buckeyes starting round 1 in town here on the 18th? How do we get tickets the legit way? I don't mind scalping, but if there's a way to get it legitimately, I'd go for that. I'd prolly be down to join you guys for a little bit. That Friday evening I have to drive up to that state up north which shall remain unnamed to visit a good friend of mine for the weekend. But, if work isn't insanely busy that day, I can meet you for a little bit.

Just let me know what you guys decide to do when we get closer to that Friday.

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