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Originally Posted by Rolf-Dieter View Post
I for one looked and found one without the mDrive, found the colors I was looking for and a manual shift.

I drove a e46 (2002 M3) for 4 years and never got warm to the mDrive. I do feel like some that responded to you, ask yourself do you really need it? Most settings are set and that is the end of it. As for GPS how often does one need it and when you do need it there is the portable type (like mine it is a TomTom).

When you sit back and think about it you get the car to drive it don't you. Having this mDrive might lead you to play with it set something while you drive and we all know it only takes a second and you might loose control of your car.

I know I will not miss it and will enjoy my car during the drive then that is just me, some others might have other feelings on the subject.

Good luck in making your final choices.


What the hell was that "mDrive" in the 2002 E46 M3? Or you meant the OEM Nav?