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Originally Posted by stryker1 View Post
Cmon Persian your a major general on this forum, which means you have over 7000 post I know for a fact that you have read about the resonating or slight drone this AA system has at 2k rpm, just like you have proven only 2 out of 10-20 exhaust systems don't have a drone, but also like you have proven those cost an arm and a leg. So that means your not going to buy any one of those because they're expensive!
Mine on the other hand is in mint condition, broken in and it's almost 50% off of list! The sound is amazing not because I said so, it's because 95% of those who bought AA say so!
So where does this leave us you buying mine for $3000, plus shipping
Or you just move on ? Let me know.
Actualllllyyyyy I only recently joined M3post threads

Ask me about anything on the N54/335i.... then I'll know

I'm still a noob when it comes to M3 mods unfortunately

I'm going to do some more reading on the AA.

Unfortunately, I never considered it since the retail was way too much (2600 for the rear section, and another 2k for the Xpipe, so new it's in Akra territory)

buuutt you have this deal, so I'm going to have to do more research.

of my 7k posts, at most 1k are in the M3 forum, not even. Probably more like 3-400 lol.
my 335i had all the mods.