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Originally Posted by MVF4Rrider View Post
Good points. Keep in mind also a rider may skip gears in traditional motorcycle gearboxes as well. Especially in racing applications where typically riders do multiple downshifts via one clutch engagement while under hard braking (usually at the end of a high speed straight followed by a low speed corner). Some manufacturers have even experimented with handlebar mounted button-operated sequential manuals.

Personally I like sequential manuals to describe all types. Yes you can skip gears by pulling the lever in quick succession but only 2 at a time. It's still a manual input from the driver.

And sorry to Levi for this thread becoming so jacked.
You can not really skip gears. Even with a two click operation during one clutch in, that "skipped" gear is actually physically engaged. That is the essense of the sequential, SMG and DCT can truly skip gears.

Indeed, sorry to Levi a well, this was a MASSIVE off topic onslaught...

The mods could clean up the thread pretty easily. Anyone can report threads that are crass, OT or anyhting else that may violate forum rules. Just click the little reg/white/black exclamation point in the lower left under the avatar area in a post.
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