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Originally Posted by quagmire View Post
Reposted from another thread which mentioned FL drivers......

When an idiot enters I-4 in the left lane going 40 MPH when traffic goes 80 MPH, stays in the left lane to accelerate, and doesn't accelerate with any great urgency. I am thankful to have a 252 HP V6 in my car which then I switched into the right lane and promptly got up to speed.........

Or when they cut you off because they couldn't wait for me to pass with no one behind me( interstate or local roads). They also maintain their slow ass speed in the left lane when on I-4.

Or they constantly create rolling road blocks.......

Or go 25 MPH in a 45 MPH in light rain.......

I would pay to see how FL would drive in snow. It wouldn't even have to stick to have 20 car pile ups.......
I took this photo today.. .. Im from PA.. I have driven in the snow.. U just drive slower and are easy on the peddles... People come here and see big roads with big speed limits and think they are a race car drivers... everyday I do this...

"Speed never killed anyone its very important to get that straight, Speed has never killed a soul. Suddenly becoming stationary thats what gets people." - Jeremy Clarkson