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Originally Posted by stryker1 View Post
Persian I am sure you know this already from all the extensive info on aftermarket mufflers, yes each one of them is going to have some drone especially around the low 2k rpm!
AA has a slight drone around that range as well, you said you saw a clip and you did not like the sound, I am hear to tell you that the AA system is AMAZING I have had countless people driving in down the street pull up next to me to compliment me on the sound of the car, not the look the sound! Take it from me the clips on the forum don't do any of these mufflers any justice, if your a serious buyer in the market for one of these please go to a M3 meet near your town and listen to the various systems!
This one I am selling guarantees to impress!
that's exactly why I had mentioned that if you yourself heard a clip you would be able to distinguish if it sounded like your car or not

But no, not all exhaust drone around the low 2k RPM :P

Akra deosn't, but then again that exhaust is expensive like a mofo lol

Arqary I've hard also doesn't

At the next few meets I'll ask around and see who has the AA exhaust