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I definitely havent updated this thread much anymore. I'm just updating for my current health fighting this "disease" that shouldnt ever happen to anyone.

I have been at the dr. nearly every day recently including spending full weeks or random overnights for transfusions. Of course, this isnt ever helping people improving real lives on top dealing with these worthless cancer diseases. I've said a lot times that I won't ever lose.

Yesterday, I was at the hospital until mid-evening after many normal pre-marrow transplant tests**. I really felt like I was in Gattaca if anyone hasnt watched it. I am very close starting my marrow transplant while I'm living in the hospital for a full month during this.

Sadly, I really wish my hearing loss issue would have come back until a full year when I last heard anything. You could all understand how much worse hearing loss making it more difficult for me. I am still thankful for hearing for my whole life until this point because I never would understand many people born without hearing for their whole lives.

I do know this thread isnt stickied anymore, but I do have it subscribed if anyone posts or has any questions for me including PMs too. I do appreciate all the kind posts through this thread more than a full year now.


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