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Originally Posted by esquire View Post
from the talks that i've had with employees at my dealerships, it seems employees can't get their hands on an "in-demand" car using any employee benefits or discounts. they can't even get their hands on an e92 335i right now (despite the fact that they've been out for so long) because they're still relatively difficult to come by, and the demand for them is still palpable. the employees have to wait til the car falls out of demand, or purchase the car as a normal customer without any employee benefits.

i can't vouch for how accurate this may or may not be, i'm just passing along information shared with me from my dealership.
That's partially wrong, emplyees do get discounts on new vehicles. The 335i when it first came out was available for employee discount purchasing. The M3's, the E46 were offered at discount off the bat. The new E60 M5 and M6 were not offered off the bat, but are now!! the M3 will be the same, I assume within a year the employees will be able to purchase them at employee prices. I know because I work at the dealership I've already got my eyes on an Alpine white M3 fully loaded