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Why bother with an expensive second car? Get a Suby impreza or WRX and save. Instead of paying 1000/month you might pay 300/month keep the difference and save it for the next car. There is no real need to have to expensive cars. I'd rather scoot around in a Golf-Jetta and have an R8 in my garage then drive an S4 and Escalade combo. The only way for me to have an expensive second car is if I was some kind of executive or baller that couldn't be seen driving a peasant car but that's not my case.
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An engine from a Z06 Corvette. A differential from a Vespa. Damn

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Its because a lot of BMW owners are housewives or business professionals and know little about cars other than BMW's are a status symbol in their own circles so that have to have one. But exotic car owners know cars, that's why they are willing to spend for a killer car and they know something different when they see one.

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