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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
...You are entitled to your opinion, me to mine...
Agreed. The difference is that I don't insist that others agree with my opinion.

i.e. I don't correct people when they use the term twin clutch, or automated manual, or whatever. For me, automatic works just fine, but hey, differentiate away. Just stop being the jargon police.

I'm done on this issue.

On a topic that is within waving distance of the OP, I'm starting to get a little excited at what the coming years are going to bring to automotive technology. While I'm almost certain to be pissed off about the new M3's size and weight, I'm betting that the loss of a liter (probably) and 12-1400 rpm will be more than made up for by having horsepower to burn, and stunning torque available pretty much everywhere in the rpm band. MPG will return to acceptability, as well.

Further, there appears to be a battle in transmission technology looming. Twin-clutch autos vs 27-speed (or whatever) planetary gears. It'll be very interesting to see how this plays out, market segment by market segment.

For me, it means that in a couple of years or so, I'll be joining the dark side with one of these transmissions, kicking and screaming. They're just so damn good...