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What would you do for a second car?

I returned my leased MB R-class yesterday so I just have the m3 now. I used the r-class for winter driving when we get snow here in the DC area since I do not run winter tires on the m3. It was great for that plus the occasions where I take it to the beach with friends since the car seats up to seven. it was just not fun to drive. Here are my options:
1) Get one of these cars as my 2nd vehicle. Leasing or buying, I will try to stay under $1,000.00 a month budget for the 2nd car. For one reason or another I've been looking at these lately:
-2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited (or the upcoming SRT-8)
-2011 Acura MDX
-2011 Acura TL SH-AWD
-2009/2010 Escallade
-2011 Toyota sienna (yes, the minivan !)

2) Not getting a second car and just put winter tires on the m3 when snow comes. Pay off the car in a couple of years and then use that monthly amount plus my 1k budget (=2k / month) and get something near the exotic realm. An r-8, 911 turbo, or an 08 clk63 black series (the best looking car I've ever seen in person) would be something that I'm interested in.

I'm single with no kids so space is not really necessary. Anyone here have had similar choices?

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