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Originally Posted by Alekshop View Post
Yes it is possible.
Aleks, following up on my earlier question, since I haven't taken a look at the actual module yet and I didn't see any info in the manuals on your site, what inputs and outputs does the module have?

I'm guessing it's 3 composite video inputs and 2 composite outputs, setup like the following:

  • iDrive computer (composite video)
  • Front camera (composite video)
  • Rear camera (composite video)
  • iDrive screen (composite video)
  • EMPTY (Composite video, 1st output mirrored?)

Is that correct?

If I only want to record one camera at a time (whatever is on the screen) I can simply hook the recorder up to the second video output?

If I wanted to record both cameras I'm guessing I will have to amplify/split the video feed coming directly from the cameras (composite video?). If that's the case something like this seems like it might be perfect:

What do you think?

EDIT: Looking at this photo it looks like there's 6 inputs/outputs, is the last one a third composite output?

It would be really cool if you could route any input to any output, then I wouldn't need those amplifiers.


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