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I understand products can go bad. I bought 2 sets of the Alpine HID kit from all the feedback that I see on the forum, one for my brother, and one for myself. One of the kit is flawless all this time but the other one have been giving me the warning light since the very beginning (suppose to be a 2010/2011 thing) and one of the ballast went out on me back in January. I bought these 2 kits about 8 months ago. The last I heard back from any one from Alpine was 3 months ago. I have been very patient all this time with only 1 pm a month to follow up on if they have gotten around to me as not to flood their message box. It's good that Alex has taken good care of some of you and he seems like a nice guy. Maybe they are just too busy to get back to me but 3 months without a word is not what I call good customer service unfortunately. If any one has other suggestion on how I can get in contact with Alpine, I would appreciate your input. The kit is great when it's working I must add. cheers.

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