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Originally Posted by Digital.James View Post
offense taken. you can fool yourself and think that 13.0 @ 110mph is fast for a car that makes 412 horsepower and 395 ft/lbs, but its not. especially considering it is a car has a solid rear end that is optimized for drag racing, unlike other cars. its the same reason why a GT500 that makes 552 horsepower loses to a car like Z06. Anyone in the know, knows that Mustangs are just dyno queens that are overrated when it comes to real life performance. add into that the shitty gas mileage, shitty build quality, shitty resale value and shitty interior. well shit. you sound like some kind of retard for wanting a car like that. me i'll pay more for something a bit nicer.

Haha you think that because someone posted on dragtimes its fact? if you believe that, then the mustang is a perfect car for you you're just another fool who buys into the motortrend and car and driver hype. they rate cars higher on subjective data.
That is called "real life #" not some BS bias and skewed # you claim.

Here is another person with a bone stock Mustang just to show that not just 1 person is capable of producing these numbers.


Another 12.8 by a different person