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New/Used car need suggestions


I finally got my Motorbike sold, so I can eventually get a car .
But do have a very very very hard time choosing ( yeayea I guess this forum gets loaded with threads like these:P).
However, ive found 5 cars that I realy like, and does hold its value, exept maby one :/
Those are:
BMW 1 series year 2007-2009 120d hatchback (coupe is a little expensive and tight *******

BMW 3 series year 2006-2009 318/320d (Coupe might be an option here as I just cant resist the sexyness of it)

Mini Cooper S 2007-2010 (Yes I knoe, its even smaler then a 1 series coupe, but hey, its probley better fun aswell)

Citroen DS3 sport THP150, This one I can afford brand new and also has 5 year warrenty.

So as u guys see, I want a fun car with good handling (yes i knoe DS3 isent as good as a mini). I have to say that I am really in love with the DS3. Ive test driven it ofc, and ive test driven a 3 series wich was good, but felt slow compared to the DS3. Unfortunaly the other cars I cant test duo the dealers dont have demoes of them...

What would u choose?

Thx and sorry

Edit: The used cars have gone from 20.000km - 60.000km