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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
Round and round we go. It appears neither side will give in.
Swamp, you're getting so worked up here that you are now replying to the same posts twice with two completely different replies. See? Take a deep breath, man.

And when a DCT is in manual mode the driver MUST participate. Two levers, just like the two two levers in a MT.
Same is true for any transmission with both an automatic and manual mode, as long as it does not automatically shift for you at redline in manual mode (which, as you know there are both DCT and planetary transmission that do and that do not). I know you know this to be true, so I am surprised that you continue to fixate on these properties only as they apply to DCT, and seem to carefully avoid associating any of your words with a modern planetary automatic transmission. It's like you are trying to pretend they don't exist or something.

Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
No manual mode perhaps? I'm not surpised at all - my ignorance of the latest greatest does happen. Pardon my title of "enthusiast" when I have not kept up on the latest Ford Fiesta
Swamp, come on, now you are resorting to mockery? You just cited your belief that there are no auto-only DCT's as support of using the term automanual. All I did here was enlighten you - and you want to mock that? Wow. Look, I respect you and what you bring to the forum, but I am going to have to echo what Bruce said earlier about your ego getting in the way here.

Honestly, I don't think its prudent to continue to the debate. We'll agree to disagree on this.
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