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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post

I also love beating up on luddites...
Really? I am a major fan of this type of transmission, and have been ever since Porsche first introduced it, what, about 30 years ago? It is an absolutely wonderful idea, as I've mentioned a number of times. BMW's rollout, however, has been a joke. It's taken them, what, around three years to get it close to right? This is almost as bad as their recent foray into turbocharging.

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Traditionally automatics have been terrible in efficiency and terrible for road racing. You can come up with any isolated anecdote you like. Modern road racing uses manual, sequential manuals and dual clutch manuals in the vast majority of cases. The control is reason #1.
Are you off your meds? I mention anecdotally that I've been interested in the development of automatics ever since Jim Hall, and you say that I "can come up with any isolated anecdote" - to prove what, exactly? That I've been interested in the development of automatics ever since Jim Hall?

Take a pill. Take a shot. Calm down.

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I still deny this is any sort of problem. Sure you hear the thing, it is a manual after all on the inside! However, that doesn't make it clunky. Your bias here is pretty obvious. Go drive a new or fully updated unit to form a more accurate opinion. Reading the forums always biases one toward finding the enthusiast with the rare problem. I think you know that. Also quantitatively the number of threads and posts on DCT issues are literally down 1 or more orders of magnitude. Why because all the small (but annoying) glitches have been worked out.
Bias? I agree that BMW has (finally) quelled the issues, after a ridiculous amount of time. The last post on the lag issue (#1739, in this forum) was on 12/12/10, and it said that the lag was only noticeable on a 2011.5 model if you knew what you were looking for and really looked for it. Great progress, BMW.

VW/Audi never had problems as deep as this, and particularly not for this duration.

Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
Lastly can you humor me and name the VAG forum(s) you have followed and how closely you have followed them and for which of the plethora of VAG DSGs you have gathered evidence for to make that conclusion? I thought so.
Since I was so interested in the technology, I followed vw.Vortex very closely indeed. Minor issues at first rollout. Seemed mostly dealer related. Forget which Audi site I followed (mostly because we had an A6 4.2), but same deal.

Porsche has had a few problems, but again, BMW still holds the crown for worst rollout of this technology.

Oh, almost forgot. Just like the '41 Oldsmobile, you can shift the auto M3 or it shifts itself. No clutch pedal in either car. Automatics both.

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