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Originally Posted by Dre01SS View Post
In the wise words of Mark Rippetoe:
"Yes, if you squat wrong it fucks things up. If you squat correctly, those same fucked-up things will unfuck themselves."
Don't know if OP's form is good - We all know the squat exercise won't harm when done correctly. So root cause is OP's form, or an underlying issue not related to squatting altogether (posture, etc...).
I'm pretty sure my form is good I even asked one of the personal trainers to see if I'm doing it fine. The pain only comes back when i do my ab workout. Doesn't matter what I do. Once these god damn muscles start getting an exercise my back starts hurting.

I decided to skip the doctor. The brace has been helping a lot. I'm gonna take it easy this week and just stretch a lot. Hopefully it'll be 100% gone next week and I can start working out again. Think I'm gonna stretch a lot more before working out.