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Originally Posted by Dodge2Dub View Post
Esquire - how do you like the windshield tint? Is the 60% too dark (ie. noticeable by police or difficult for night driving)? I just spoke with my tint folks in SD who installed my huper on the side/back windows and they recommended going with ~70% and using a different brand on the windshield for films above 60% (easier to install and within 1% or 2% of huper's heat rejection). Any insight based upon your experience with the 60% Huper on the windshield is appreciated.

Dodge - mine is technically 40%. The lower the number the darker the tint. So 60% would not be dark at all. 40% (what i have) imo might even be a hair too light. I waiver on my decision to go 40% rather than 30%.

When you say they recommended going 70% I"m going to assume you meant 30% (the inverse). I think you'll see that the heat rejection between these two films (Huper 30, and Huper 40) are almost the exacccct same. It's really an aesthetic thing. The good thing about Huper is that when you look outdoors from inside the cabin, you'll barely notice any difference. In other words it doesn't affect your cabin visibility very much. So i guess what it comes down to is personal taste. Do you like darker tint or no? Personally, I do. If I had it to do over again I would probably go 30 all around and 50 on my windshield. But for now, it will do

Take a look through the thread to see how the tint looks from different angles and during different times of day. Should give you a pretty solid idea of what you'll be seeing on your car.

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