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Originally Posted by simianspeedster View Post
This review basically confirms everything I was expecting and it reaffirms my position on this engine.

Replacing the N52 inline 6 with a turbo 4 may make sense in BMW's bread and butter models where driving pleasure is not the ultimate goal (X1, X3, etc.) but a turbo 4 should not eliminate the N/A inline 6 option in BMW's enthusiast models (Z4, 3 Series Coupe, etc.)

Please, BMW -- feel free to offer this engine in your volume cars and for people who value efficiency over driving pleasure, but don't eliminate the inline 6 choice for those of us who know the difference and really, really care. Oh, and the same goes for manual transmissions...

And it has to be said: I would be *embarrassed* beyond words to drive a BMW that tries to mask its real exhaust noise with electronics. The thought alone saddens me.

Same exact thoughts here.