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Originally Posted by Navin323i View Post
Hey Nate,

I enjoyed reading your post here and checking out all the nice pics, but one thing stood out that is bugging me, so I wanted to ask... could you please clarify the statement I bolded above?
As an Indian-American, I'm not sure if I should take what you said there as an insult or not... I'm sure you weren't trying to be offensive, but what do you base that comment on and how can you make such a blanket statement for an entire country?

I have plenty of friends living in India who are car enthusiasts... there is NOTHING about the country that makes it difficult for someone to be an enthusiast... if they wish to be car enthusiasts then there's nothing stopping them.


Hello Navin,

I very much appreciate your compliment about our story, as we do put quite a bit of effort forth in creating each one.

I apologize sincerely if we offended you in any way, as that was not our intention. What we meant by our comment is that it's simply quite costly to modify a performance car in India, relative to the United States. Not only is the luxury goods tax very high for imported sports cars, but aftermarket performance parts themselves are difficult and costly to ship over and import. I hope that these statements are accurate, as they are merely our understanding of the situation in our time servicing our Indian clients.