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Originally Posted by Crazy Bimmer View Post
3:05.4 BMW M3 COUPE LL2 2/10 (cup tires)
3:05.4 LEXUS IS F LL2 2/11
3:05.6 BMW M3 COUPE LL2 11/08 (Stock tires)

So if you really want to compare, then its better to compare the M3 with stock tires with the 2011 ISF. With that, is it really worth arguing about over .2 of a second?!?

M3 with cup tires makes no sense to me. I dont see how those tires on the M3 can only shave off so little, unless February of 2010 was cold where grip was an issue.

I give respect to lexus coming out with their 1st generation ISF and being on par with the M3. Only other company that came close to that is Cadillac with their CTS-V and it took them a 2nd generation to do it. Journalist need to review the 2011 ISF so the consumer can see how much of an improvement they have made over the previous year.
Well said, I applaud your willingness to look at number and different view points. If we can keep fanaticism's down to minmum perhaps we can all gain some useful information regarding these two great cars. Like the rebirth of muscle cars at no time in auto history have there been so may different choices for lower end of high performance luxury car market. 20 years ago only supercar costing over 150k could put down the number our cars are currently doing. I for one would own any of these machine IS-F ,M3 , C63, Z06 GTR, RS4, R8, any 911 variant etc and keep in mind all these cars are within 10k to 25k of each other. I love my IS-F it's fast, rides great, it's unique in the sense you don't see many of them, fantastic daily driver and serves my needs quite well. I know it not everybody's cup of tea but thats cool if we all drove the same thing wouldn't that be boring enjoy your ride what ever it is.