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Just watch the F10 M5 for a good predictor. That too will use an engine based on the on from the series car - in that case an S63 V8 derived from the N63 V8 used in the 5, 6, 7 and X5. Smart money says there will be a price increase from the E60 M5, and I expect it to be fairly significant. Figure $95k as a starting price, at least.

As for the V6 for the next M3 - there's one big problem that makes that unlikely. That is, it will cost a heck of a lot more to develop a new V6 block than to simply use the I6 block they already have. If and when BMW changes to a V6 architecture for their standard engine someday in the future then, and only then, will the M3 get a V6. In fact, for the same reason ($$$), the M3 would also not retain the I6 should the corporate 6 move to a V layout. By and large, BMW is doing eveything they can to consolidate engine design and parts sharing because they are now spending so much of the powertrain budget on making cleaner more efficient engines.

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geez, you make too much sense.

and ill say it again, if they use the n55 and turn it into the s55 or w/e, then the new m3s price should reflect that. but because ///Marketing is so greedy, of course they are going to charge the same price or more.
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