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Useful tip from Zapco regarding the tuning of their DC amps

For those of you that care, I got a very informative tip from Zapco regarding how to tune their DC reference amps. For awhile now, I have been unsatisfied with the amount of output I was getting from my DC650.6. The sound is clean but the amp just seem to run out of gas. I would max out the volume on the HU and it seemed like there should be so much more potential with that amp. Well, I think I found it today.

Here's some background on what I originally did. The software that comes with the amp includes setting for input gain and output gain. I had originally set the input gain with the HU volume just below max and the output gain at min. Then I turned up the input gain until I started to see the clipping indicators light up. Then holding that input gain, I turned up the output gain until the clipping indicators lit up again. According to Zapco, this is not the correct method for the DC amps. What they recommended was to max out the output gain and then set the input gain accordingly until the clip lights come on. I did that and it made a significant improvement. It now seems like I'm getting everything I can out of this amp.

On the down side, I also tried installing a used pair of Morel ADMW9s today but it turns out one of them is damaged. I bought them used and have never powered them up until now. When I first received them, I did just press on the driver to make sure the voicecoil wasn't seized up and it did move. Today, I mounted the drivers in the enclosures but I noticed that one of the drivers had seized up. I'm not sure what would cause it since I never applied power to it but now I'm trying to figure out if its worth fixing it or if I can get a single replacement for it.
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